10 Dos and don’ts college students should know before posting on social media

10 Dos and don’ts college students should know before posting on social media
Posted on 07/18/2018 . 12:00pm

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Most of you are active in one or all of those social media platforms. All of them have different cool and fun features, but they do have one common purpose: to share. Whether you share to a close circle or to the masses, here are some quick guidelines to remind yourself before you post something to your account:


Know your purpose
What is your purpose of having an Twitter or Instagram account? Is it to gain as many followers as you can? Is it to post private pictures for only your friends and family to enjoy? Is it to show your favorite hobby or activity? Once you know why you have a social media account, it is much easier to know what to post and what kind of people you want to attract to your profile.

Know the platform
Each social media platform has their own speciality. Instagram is mainly for pictures. Twitter is for those who like to have an open platform to talk about whatever and whenever. Facebook is for life updates for your family and close friends. Once you know and study the functions of each platform, you can better gauge your audiences and post accordingly. For example: you can rant about how Lebron deserved a foul in last night’s game on Twitter meanwhile, on Instagram, you can post your weekly #ManCrushMonday (#MCM) on Klay Thompson.

Post the good and bad
Sure, we love seeing your accomplishments and accolades. Flaunt them. But, don’t be afraid to share your struggles and trials. People understand that life is a whirlwind of emotions and experiences. For those that don’t understand that and instead, makes fun of you or judges you, there’s always the unfollow button.

Like and comment
You like your friend’s Instagram picture? Show that person. Don’t just scroll. Double-tap on that picture. Retweet and favorite that tweet. I’m sure you like getting notifications of likes and retweets. Other people do too.

Reach out to people in real life
Social media is supposed to help you keep in touch with people, especially those that you can’t see on the regular. It is not supposed to replace dinners with friends or grabbing a cup of coffee with your old high school classmate. Make sure to reach out to people and have a real conversation, in person. A photo can only say so much.



Don’t clog up the feed
Don’t you hate it when you’re scrolling down your Instagram timeline and all you see is the same person post five different pictures within an hour?  Like, why? Or, how about when you see a long snap about nothing and you’re just tapping until it’s over? Don’t be that person! Not unless you have a business account, promoting an event, or spreading word about a cause.

Don’t be negative
You know that adage: “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” This is especially true online. People can easily blow up an innocent comment. Don’t be that person. What’s the point of making snarky comments? People take their time posting things that are important to them. They don’t need you to kill their vibe.

Don’t be generic
Sure, everyone likes famous quotes and funny memes, but keep that to a bare minimum. People want to know you personally, not see recycled “Cashmeousside” or “This could be us but you playing” memes. That is, unless you’re solely a meme account.

Keep hashtags to a minimum
This is depending on your purpose of your post or account. If your Instagram is dedicated to your hobby, modelling, or something where you’re trying to reach a lot of people, hashtag away. Three hashtags should be fine. If it’s a personal account, hashtags should NOT be the substance of your caption. Nor should they be full sentences like #youknowimdoingmewhatboutyou or #doyourememberthe21stnightofseptember. They’re funny, but they don’t really do much.

Don’t take social media seriously
As much as we like getting notifications of “[insert user] liked your post” and “[insert user] retweeted your photo,” don’t get so caught up in the numbers game. Someone will always have more likes, retweets, or favorites than you. Don’t post a picture hoping that your crush (or anyone else in particular) will see your glow up.Trust me. It’s not worth it. I’m sure that you have plenty of other followers that will appreciate your post.


Writer’s Disclaimer:  As an active person on social, I have taken note in what I like and what I don’t like. I am no expert. My word is not law. It’s your social media account. Ultimately, think about what you would like to see in your own timeline.

Sarah Macaraeg

Sarah Macaraeg

Sarah Mac is a UC Berkeley graduate with a BA in media Studies. She is a social media personality. She has her own Youtube channel (Macshortee28) where she likes to talk about music.


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