Bay Area creatives making waves that you need to know

Bay Area creatives making waves that you need to know
Posted on 05/02/2018 . 5:00pm

In today’s society, it seems like everyone is trying to be somebody. It’s hard to see who’s real or who’s here just for recognition. Hard work is only part of the equation. It is the passion and the motivation that differentiates you from the rest. I chose the following who are just one of many making waves in the Bay Area. They show that they’re dedicated and passionate about their respective craft. Each of the following creatives shares when they knew about their passion and what motivates them.

Abraham Padilla

Where are you from?: Pittsburg, CA

When did you know rapping was your passion?: I started rapping my senior year of high school in 2013 but it wasn’t until about 2015 when I began investing deeper into the craft and found passion in it. I think it’s more rooted in my passion for music, something that started during my childhood. I first started off as a musician at 9 years old and then I developed my love for music as I continued to learn different instruments and study several genres, specifically Jazz. This would eventually reflect in my passion for rapping as the many musical influences I was learning from, in addition to the technical music knowledge I was gaining, helped establish a foundation for me to continue to pursue music.

What motivates you?: My love for music is my motivation, to put it simply. I see myself as a vessel for music in addition to being a vessel for my family, my cultural heritage, my hometown, etc. I’m a product of all of these things and throughout time, I slowly began to realize that all I want to do is make music and do it for the rest of my life until I die. I feel like this alone drives me to keep going. Ultimately though, it boils down to love: the love and support I get from everyone around me, everyone in my life and everyone helping myself and each other grow. In a spiritual way, the energy I feel from everyone in my life and this music motivates me to keep that energy going.

Social Media Handles:  My stage name is “Savage Mind” so you can find all the info at But I’m part of a larger collective called “Soul Vision” and you can find us on most platforms under @soulvision16.  Also you can find Savage Mind and Soul Vision on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc.

Connect with Abraham:
Instagram: @realsavagemind | @soulvision16
Twitter: @realsavagemind1  

DJ Jehwed

Where are you from?: Born in Palo Alto. Raised in Tracy, CA. Currently reside in Sacramento, CA.

When did you know DJing was your passion?: I think I knew when I started to prioritize it over a lot of other things. Sometimes I even forget to eat when I’m practicing. Also, when I wasn’t doing it, I was always itching to get back to it in order to practice some new technique or mix two new songs together. It’s a lot of what I think about nowadays pretty much. Another way I knew was when I started selling a lot of my shoes to pay for new equipment. I used to have a lot of shoes, but it’s gone down since I start DJing!

What motivates you?: Other great DJs motivate me. Seeing what they are capable of doing makes me believe that I can do it. All I have to do is practice. Also, seeing my own progress over time has motivated me. If I can see myself getting better, then I know that what I’m doing is working, and I can only keep improving.

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Jessie Munoz

Where are you from?: Born and raised in Daly City, California

When did you know dancing was your passion?: I have enjoyed dancing since I was 4 years old but I would say that at the end of my junior year in high school is when I really felt the love and passion for dancing. My dance teacher during our Junior year took a group of students in Los Angeles so we can experience the dance lifestyle. I was introduced to so many dancers/teachers that really showed me a different perspective on dance. Right away I was interested and since then, I knew dance was something special to me. Until this day, I am always eager to learn more and build up as many experiences as I can to eventually have the opportunity to make a positive impact to young dancers like my mentors had on me and be able to follow the same steps.

What motivates you?: My biggest motivation comes from my teammates from “The Company.” They motivate me to be the best I can be and to always move forward; never give up but always stay humble and teachable. I have so much support from my family and friends [that] helps me every day. Also knowing there are so many dancers in the world that want to do the absolute best for the dance industry makes me want to do the same and maybe even impact those that don’t dance.

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Where are you from?: American Canyon, CA
When did you know rapping was your passion: I think it’s always been my passion. I love making music because it’s a way to document my life. It’s almost like therapy. I use it to confront issues that I’m suppressing at the time, or are hard to openly discuss. By doing that, I grew to understand me and that’s kinda where the passion grew from.
What motivates you?: I think creating music that lasts forever is what motivates me. I want to make music that can last forever and not just a summer and achieving that is really difficult so it’s constantly something to strive for, which really motivates me.

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Where are you from?: American Canyon, CA (Right on the border of Vallejo)
When did you know singing was your passion?: I was singing all my life and I always had a strong passion for it, but I didn’t have full confidence in myself until the beginning of my senior year in high school when I was 17.
What motivates you?: I think what motivates me the most is my own drive to push the envelope and push my own creative limits. I feel like art is so beautiful and so precious. I want to see how far I can go before my life is up!

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Thomas Jordan

Where are you from?: Vallejo, CA
When did you know producing was your passion?: I learned “Amazing” by Kanye West on piano through a YouTube tutorial and then fell in love with music.
What motivates you?: Sixteen cups of coffee a day keeps me motivated.

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Gabe Dayrit

Where are you from?: Pacifica, CA
When did you know dancing was your passion?: I figured out that dance was my passion shortly after I was able to find out that I had a rhythm for it. [laughs] I’ve always loved music and I never knew that I could move to it.
What motivates you?: A lot of things motivate me. Family: they’re the main source of my motivation. I just want to make them proud at the end of the day. The team: the concept of “never settle, always forward” is embedded in me. And mainly, having some friendly competition with the person next to me. It’s always fun competing with one another just to challenge myself to get better.

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Ian Halili

Where are you from?: San Francisco, CA
When did you know photography was your passion?: I knew photography was always a passion of mine since I was a kid. I would play around with my Dad’s Nikon film camera. During high school, I would always take photos but it wasn’t until after college in 2008 when I started to really get more in depth with photography. And recently is when I started to take it more seriously as a side business instead of just a hobby.
What motivates you?: What motivates me is the endless drive that photos can create. [We can] capture moments in time and [have] photographs that we could share forever. One snapshot can tell a story and that’s what is always intriguing. Another source of motivation is being surrounded by other creative people. That’s when the imagination is limitless.

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Abby Imperial

Where are you from?: Hayward, CA
When did you know DJing was your passion?: I’d say music has been my passion my whole life and being able to DJ has been a goal of mine even since I was a young teen in high school.
What motivates you?: What motivates me is definitely other artists or friends that have an authentic sound. I hope to find my own personal sound without having to bite off someone else’s, y’know?

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Sarah Macaraeg

Sarah Macaraeg

Sarah Mac is a UC Berkeley graduate with a BA in media Studies. She is a social media personality. She has her own Youtube channel (Macshortee28) where she likes to talk about music.


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