Get to Know Our TFCU Talks Davis Speakers

Get to Know Our TFCU Talks Davis Speakers
Posted on 01/26/2018 . 2:46pm

By now, you’ve seen our lineup for our upcoming TFCU Talks Davis: Embracing Identity. We can’t be the only ones excited! We’re counting down the days along with gearing up for Saturday, February 3rd. But while we do that, we thought it’d be a good idea for you to get to know our speakers better. So, without further ado:

Christine Gambito (Happyslip) 

If you were around during the early days of YouTube, you are probably very familiar with this one. Christine Gambito AKA Happyslip was at the very beginning of YouTube’s reign. With the funniest imitations of most family members in any Filipino family, she provided the most relatable content. We all knew the upbeat intro playing at the very beginning of each video with an appearance by the chismosa Auntie, shy cousin Minnie, never-before-seen father, the misunderstood mother, and the American daughter who is there to explain everything. It was one of those can’t look away, must see all videos type of binge.

Now, Christine has four kids of her own and is slowly making a comeback to the small screen! Her passion is to make a powerful and positive impact not only in every area of her life, but in the lives of others as well.

Sydney Loyola 

If you don’t know about Sydney Loyola yet, you’ll soon want to know all about her and her story. For more than three decades, Sydney Loyola has created dance pieces performed by cultural groups in the Philippines, Asia and Europe. Her dance method has garnered respect from peers as she emerged as the Bay Area’s ingenious dance practitioner with choreographies motivated through immersions in Philippine indigenous tribes. Loyola has significantly contributed to Bay Area’s multicultural landscape by performances at major venues such as Palace of Fine Arts, and Cowell Theater as well as festival events like San Francisco Ethnic Festival, Pistahan Festival, and Filipino-American Arts Exposition that have been attended in by more than 150,000 audiences who yearn to experience a genuine Philippine dance experience.

Loyola recognizes the importance of actively engaging youth thus creating new generations of culturally invested community members and for young people of Philippine heritage within a multicultural population who desire a deeper connection to their roots. Loyola has a purpose to meet this cultural longing. Today’s youth move through educational system, with high school, college and beyond, they will inherently bring along a strong sense of heritage that can be shared with others. She is the founding Artistic Director of the American Center of Philippine Arts.

Rudy Corpuz Jr. 

Born & Raised in San Francisco, Rudy Corpuz Jr is an ex-felon who runs a Violence Prevention Program that reaches all over the world. Not familiar with them? No worries. You might be familiar with their name since they were in the social media sphere recently thanks to former 49er Colin Kaepernick and Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry who donated 20K to United Playaz for the #10for10Challenge.



Mike Sagun

Mike Sagun is a coach who sees his clients as “humans who are full of possibilities and have limitless power. [He] uses mindfulness and self-awareness techniques to help [his] clients objectify their feelings. And [he is] next to them the entire process.” To get a sneak peek of how he is at public speaking and telling powerful stories, check out his very own tedx where he discusses saving lives, healing hearts, and soothing minds.

Chapkis Dance Family

Established and founded by Director, Greg Chapkis, in 2004, Chapkis Dance Family started performing in local events and are now winning some of the biggest dance competitions and battles worldwide. CDF is proud to have some of the best dancers in the world being featured on TV shows, movies, commercials, and choreographing some of the biggest international artists’ tours, award shows, and music videos in the industry. Throughout the years, we have become a close and loyal family. We are proud to be considered as one of the top studios in the USA directed and choreographed by Greg Chapkis and Melvin Timtim.



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