Get to know the speakers of TFCU Talks Honolulu: Making Waves Worldwide

Get to know the speakers of TFCU Talks Honolulu: Making Waves Worldwide
Posted on 06/21/2018 . 12:53pm

All events need an empowering speaker to hype people up to become inspired. With TFCU going to Honolulu, here are just some of the speakers coming to blow your mind!

Filipino American singer and songwriter Jessica Sanchez was the runner-up on the eleventh season of American Idol and competed in the first season of America’s Got Talent at the age of 11. Sanchez began singing at the age of 2 and aspired to become a well-known singer. She is in the process of recording her second studio album and released her single “Call Me” late 2016.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Jasper Wong is an artist, illustrator, curator and art director. As the founder and leader director of POW! WOW!, Wong aspires to lead his non-profit organization of contemporary artists to enrich the community through art outreach programs, educational programs and community engagements in the creation and appreciation of art. A man who wears many hats, this artist co-founded a community art center called Lana Lane Studios and hopes will inspire the community with the creativity that occurs within.

Best known for his paddle-in exploits in huge Jaws, the Maui native Billy Kemper looked up to the greatest Hawaiians before him. In 2010, Kemper won the 4-star HIC Pro at Sunset Beach and finished the year ranking #number 1 in the ASP Hawaii Region. This hardworking surfer won the World Surf League Big Wave Tour’s first-ever Pe’Ahi Challenge on Maui, all thanks to his historic drops down mountainous wave faces and tucking into one of the largest barrels in history.

J’aime Kailani Bayot, an artist, entrepreneur, and mother of two sons, became the booking manager to her brother, Bruno Mars. Together, they helped organizations on their missions of providing supplies, food, and building a water system for a birthing center in Haiti, all through organizing musical shows. In addition, Bayot founded Mama Earth Project in 2007 with hopes of providing people the opportunity to experience the power of giving and making a difference. Since then, the organization has started several initiatives in Los Angeles to make an impact through the arts, music, and nature. Bayot believes that people can truly connect through acts of kindness and share positive exchanges of energy through song, dance, and artwork.

Get ready Honolulu because this TFCU Talk is going to be a big one!

Lalaine Ignao

Lalaine Ignao

Originally from Lakewood, Washington, Lalaine Ignao moved to the island of Oahu to get in touch with her Filipino identity. After writing for a few publications, she discovered her passion to become a freelance journalist, focusing on creating a spotlight on the Filipino community in Hawaii and the rest of the globe. When she’s not writing, you can find Lalaine on Kayak planning her next trip, goal setting or on social media, connecting with loved ones back home.


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