How to stay motivated throughout the summer

How to stay motivated throughout the summer
Posted on 05/09/2018 . 5:00pm

Whether you’re reading this in the midst of studying for finals, you’re at work wishing you still had summer breaks, or you’re getting ready for summer school, everyone needs some kind of motivation to get over that unwillingness to work. You feel it. We feel it. You’re not alone.

It’s hard not to stare out the window and wish you could be outside at the beach or anywhere but inside. However, not all of us have that luxury of endless vacation days. If it existed for all of us, well, that would be an amazing lifestyle but again, that’s just a dream.

So of course, that leads to the question: how on earth does one stay motivated throughout the summer season? It seems incredibly hard to even be motivated when the sun is shining but we’re not going to let that get the best of us and ruin our productivity.

Commit to a planner
Just because the quarter/semester is over doesn’t mean your planner needs to be too. Get your pens and mark those appointments. Being able to see your week laid out in front of you and seeing those dates fill up with meetings with friends or other activities will remind you that you still have things to accomplish. You can find a few of our favorite planners here, here, and here.

Sign up for those classes you pushed off
Want to learn Photoshop? Photography? Coding? Now is the time to take those classes you’ve been promising yourself you’ll get to “someday.” Today is that day. Just find one thing you want to do and go for it. You never know, you could be a natural without even knowing it! We’re a huge fan of or courses!

Brush your resume so you can intern
This might take more thought and time before summer hits but this season is the perfect time to fulfill your internship course credit or just take in some mentoring from someone within your field. We highly recommend starting your search way before May/June since most places start welcoming interns early to get them settled in.

Keep those alarms on
As much as sleeping in sounds utterly amazing as it sounds, this could make or break your day. A few days of sleeping past your alarm is OK but if it’s becoming a recurring habit to wake up around 10 am or 11 am, that can ruin the rest of your day and even the time you head to bed. Your mornings will soon be your nights and vice-versa. That’s no fun for anyone. You’ll be that meme of Robin Williams, “What year is it?”

Buddy up
Have a friend or significant other help you be accountable for your actions. It’s harder if you’re not in it with someone else. Go to the gym together at the same time every day. Attend activities with this person so that way one could drag the other person out of the house, quite literally. Whoever it is, make sure it’s someone you know will definitely kick your butt into action.

Book those must needed vacation trips
We get it. You need to get out of the office and we don’t blame you. So do it! Book those vacation trips with those leftover vacation days you refuse to use. Nothing like a quick reboot to get the job done. That way when you’re back in the office, you’ll be feeling brand new with fresh ideas.

Set those goals
Remember those New Years goals you set up for yourself at the beginning of the year? Time to dust those off and reevaluate where you are now. Why not try and achieve those goals you’ve been meaning to get to? Even if that means breaking them into smaller goals. Do whatever is necessary to accomplish what you need to do.

Did these help? What do you do to stay motivated? Let us know!



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