Inspiring Interview: Producer Marc Anthony Nicolas

Inspiring Interview: Producer Marc Anthony Nicolas
Posted on 09/05/2018 . 10:00am

If you watched an episode of The Talk in the last few years, you can thank Marc Anthony Nicolas. He is one of the producers on The Talk with Sharon Osbourne. Marc got his start in the entertainment industry working at MTV. From there, he worked as a producer in The Tyra Banks Show. After the show ended, he got a call to become a producer for The Talk. With his relentless efforts and hard work, he has two Emmys as a producer under his belt. We recently interviewed Marc and talked about what’s it like to be the only Filipino on set and how his perspective has helped him achieve where he is now.

TFCU: One of your first big breaks was working with Tyra Banks on her talk show. What valuable lesson did you learn working with her?
Marc Anthony Nicolas: Tyra Banks is smart, down to earth, personable. She’s nice to everyone! She has taught me to be kind to everyone in the business.  You never know, that production assistant may end up being your boss.

I’m glad you said that. Some people think people are mean in this industry. But that’s not always the case. What is another misconception of the entertainment industry that you would like to debunk?
People think that working in the entertainment industry every day is glamorous…  But it really isn’t. We work long hours, have deadlines, meetings, and conference calls like any other job.

Was there an instance or a time where you felt alone in the industry you’re in? If so, when and how did you overcome it?
I was a production assistant and got paid $4.25 an hour.  I worked from 5am-5pm mopping the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, and running errands from the show.  I was living in Long Beach and my job was in Encino. To save money on gas, I had to sleep in my car.  Those were the nights when I felt alone.

Looking back at those times, what advice would you give yourself when you were 20 years old?
I had a lot of friends in my 20s. Some of them, I am still best friends with today and find value and inspiration in their company. Others drifted away as we grew apart.  If you don’t want to have bad habits, quit hanging out with the people who enable those bad habits. Spend time with people who drive you to be better and who you admire.

Let’s talk about your experience as being the only Filipino in your workplace. How has the Filipino culture influenced the way you work?
The Filipino culture is amazing.  One thing I admire about our culture is that we are loyal to our family members.  This has taught me to be loyal to the people I work with. I was hired as a Producer for The Tyra Banks Show and I was there for four seasons until the show went off the air. Now, I’m a Producer at The Talk on CBS and I’ve been with the talk show for 8 years.  Season 9 will be kicking off on September 10, 2018.

Do you feel pressure being the only Filipino-American working at The Talk?
There are about 150 employees at The Talk and I am the only Filipino-American Producer. Pressure is not the word I would use. I work hard in every environment that I’m in and I want the Filipino community to be proud of this small town boy with big dreams.  My parents came to America with high hopes and I want to ensure that they made the best decision of their lives when they left their families in their motherland.


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