Visit TFCU during Battle of the Bamboo 2018

Visit TFCU during Battle of the Bamboo 2018
Posted on 02/21/2018 . 3:19pm

There are multiple reasons as to why Chicago, Illinois is one of the best places to visit. We could talk about their deep dish since apparently it’s the number one thing to eat. But also, it’s home for Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, Shonda Rhimes, Gina Rodriguez, and of course, Michelle & Barack Obama! There must be something great in the air because great things have come out of this city. Another thing to add to the list to check out? Filipino in Alliance ‘s Battle of the Bamboo 2018: Magkaisa | Under One Sky.  

What is Battle of the Bamboo?
Good question. Battle of the Bamboo (BOTB) is Filipino in Alliance’s cultural dance competition showcasing traditional Filipino folk dance. High school and college participants come from all over the Midwest to perform a dance of their choosing which will be judged by a panel of experienced dancers.

When is it?
Celebrating it’s fifteenth consecutive year, BOTB 2018 will take place Saturday, February 24th at 5pm inside the UIC Forum.

What does Magkaisa mean?
Filipinos in Alliance and this year’s Battle Council proudly presents the theme of Battle of the Bamboo 2018: Magkaisa | Under One Sky. Magkaisa is Tagalog for united. As Filipino-Americans, our resilience and tenacity allow us to strive to be something greater. We refuse to simply work towards the American Dream — we work to go beyond it. Though we all have different and unique upbringings, we stand united ‘Under One Sky.’  

The idea of “magkaisa” promotes a sense of togetherness and belonging in our culture, as well as paying tribute to the individualism in our struggles. The sky shows limitless possibilities for all who stand under it, and, in spite of all the hardships placed upon us, we are offered countless opportunities. All Filipino-Americans have had at least one brave generation before them travel from the Philippines in search of opportunity and a better life. Though our families have settled and found prosperity in different places, may we never forsake the aspects of our culture that have forged our successes. With that being said, Battle of the Bamboo aims to connect and remind today’s youth of Filipino traditions through learning, performing, and spectating cultural dance.

Who exactly will be participating this year? 
  • Marquette University | Bayanihan Cultural
  • Niles North High School | Kapit Bayan
  • Northside College Preparatory High School | Isang Hakbang
  • St. Louis University | [FSA] Cultural
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | PSA Barkada
  • University of Michigan at Ann Arbor | FASA Traditional


  • Eastern Michigan University x Wayne State University | KAPA x FILSOC Traditional
  • Kulturo
  • Lane Tech College Prep | Kapamilya Habang Buhay
  • Moku’aina Hula
  • Northwestern University | Kaibigan
  • The Dream Team
  • Unity Collective
  • University of Illinois at Chicago | [FIA]* Cultural
  • University of Illinois at Chicago | FIA’Liwan
  • University of Illinois at Chicago | [FIA]* Modern
How is TFCU involved?
TFCU is a proud sponsor of BOTB 2018. We’ll be on site ready to meet you all IRL so you can see what we’re all about. Not to mention… We do have a few giveaways and other fun stuff happening at our table. You won’t know until you go!

But… I’m not in Chicago.
And that’s fine! We’ll be posting along our day so you don’t have to experience FOMO. Plus, if we don’t catch you now, we’ll catch you another time.




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