TFCU Talks Goes to Honolulu to make some waves

TFCU Talks Goes to Honolulu to make some waves
Posted on 07/11/2018 . 12:00pm

With summer heating up and school out of the picture, this past month’s TFCU event in Honolulu, Hawaii became a great fresher for those who needed some inspiration in their life. This TFCU Talk featured J’aime Kailani Bayot, Jasper Wong, Billy Kemper and Jessica Sanchez. Each person has gone through their own versions of trials and tribulations before obtaining the successful paths they walk on now.

But not everything is as easy, black and white like that.

J’aime Kailani Bayot shared that she missed out on possibly one of the biggest opportunities in her life due to fear. But because of this experience, she learned more about herself, her gifts and how to nurture them and practice using these talents to help others.

"Tap into who you are, and where you come from."

She reminded us to stay true to our authentic selves because at the end of the day, being ourselves is what will make us most successful and happy in life.

Meanwhile, Billy Kemper took the time to share his ups and downs as a professional surfer and how he needed to work hard to get where he stands now without any initial support from sponsors. Seeing his fellow colleagues receive sponsorships discouraged him from pursuing the sport professionally but everything changed when his mindset changed.

"I decided to do it for my love and passion for surfing."

He advised to never be scared of anything and if it feels like everyone is against us, use that as positive motivation. Kemper also reminded us to find what we love to do.

"You’ll be more successful doing what you love than what you’re forcing."

The artistic Jasper Wong painted a story of how his journey of starting a global creative movement began with his organization, POW! WOW! Hawaii. After all the crowdfunding, grants and sponsorship requests he made, Wong reminds us to embrace the struggle and to continue following our passions.

"Find the one thing you’re passionate in and have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to take risks and explore different avenues."

American Idol’s Jessica Sanchez could not agree any more with the rest of the speakers. After a life-changing journey with the famous singing competition American Idol, Sanchez has gone through her own trials and tribulations in life. From dealing with trying to please everyone to not knowing who is truly down for her at the end of the day, this Filipina has learned to not let anyone control her future. She talked about her passion for music and how it has changed her life in so many ways than one.

"You can’t run away from your passions no matter how hard you try. But you have to do it for you. Do it because you love it and because you believe in yourself. You’re here on this Earth to make an impact."

The biggest takeaway from Sanchez’s talk is surrounding yourself with positivity and focus on what makes you happy while empowering each other.

This world is all kinds of crazy and in a time like this, we need to remember to build one another up to create a change. What will you do with your gifts to make an impact in this world?

(Photo Credit: Eric Ganding)

Lalaine Ignao

Lalaine Ignao

Originally from Lakewood, Washington, Lalaine Ignao moved to the island of Oahu to get in touch with her Filipino identity. After writing for a few publications, she discovered her passion to become a freelance journalist, focusing on creating a spotlight on the Filipino community in Hawaii and the rest of the globe. When she’s not writing, you can find Lalaine on Kayak planning her next trip, goal setting or on social media, connecting with loved ones back home.


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