Tips to Get Prepared for the Next Quarter or Semester

Tips to Get Prepared for the Next Quarter or Semester
Posted on 11/14/2017 . 7:20am

By now, you’ve probably read or have seen tons of articles with tips on how to get prepared for the next quarter or semester. Surprise! Here’s another article just for you to tell you exactly that. But this isn’t a step-by-step guide on what to do the night before class starts. Anyone could tell you to set your alarm, get your supplies ready, and purchase the Keurig Cups. Plus, by the time you read this you probably already started your new semester/quarter. These are tips to get you through school no matter where you are in the semester/quarter.

Use Sundays as Your Rest Days

Even students need a rest day. You’re out there studying/reading/writing for a good chunk of your time in college so it’s best to take a step back and treat yourself to a rest day. Whether it be Sunday or whatever day you don’t have to do anything, treat yourself. Steer clear from assignments. Binge that Netflix or Hulu. You need it. Everyone needs and deserves a break! Why do you think it’s called Lazy Sundays anyways?

Start Your Paper Now

That paper that’s eventually due at the end of the semester/quarter that’s 25% of your grade? Yeah, get a jumpstart on it now and thank yourself later. Even if it means adding one line per day, it’s better than nothing. You’ll kick yourself at the end of the day when you’re on the library’s 7th floor furiously writing non-stop to make the 11:59pm deadline at 11:45pm.

Say No to That Party and That Other Party

No one is more about the YOLO lifestyle than myself but there’s a time and a place, you guys. College may look like the perfect place to rage cage your life away and while that lifestyle may have worked for a lot of people, it’s not always going to be the best choice. I can say this because I’m out of college and know there’s more to life than that tailgate that you missed. Yeah, you’ll get that FOMO but your grades will be like “Oh, woah.” (Sorry, I just had to do that)

Make Your Circle Bigger

Brush up your networking skills because they’ll come in handy. When do they NOT come in handy? I’m telling you now, use every chance you get to network with someone new whether it be a teacher, a classmate, a random stranger sitting on the same bench as you. You’ll honestly never know who you’ll meet and what you or they’ll become in 2-5 years after college. Use this time to your advantage. You won’t realize it until after you graduated.

Get Your Materials NOW

I’m not talking about getting your laptop in place or a pencil just in case. No, it’s time to get your scantrons, your essay booklets, and rulers. Even if it’s literally the first day of school, the mid-semester and finals come at you fast. You don’t want to be the one running to the Student Union in that massive line because you forgot a scantron.

Buy Two Chargers

For your phone, for your laptop, for your portable charger… Don’t be stuck in the situation where you’re without a charger and you’re living life on the edge with 5% battery left. Always get yourself equipped with two chargers – one for home, one on the go. So that way you’re not always scrambling back home or asking the person next to you to borrow their charger… But that does make for a great conversation starter!

Alas, tips for you! Did these actually help you? Do you have tips that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below or contact us via literally any social media platform. We love hearing your feedback!



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