Five tips to help you steer clear from the “Midterm Slump”

Five tips to help you steer clear from the “Midterm Slump”
Posted on 03/08/2018 . 4:20pm

It’s March so for a majority of students, that means midterms are coming up. I know, the word alone is a dread to read and that’s exactly why you’re off reading this article instead of your textbooks. We don’t blame you. Midterms are never fun and at this point of the semester/quarter, you’re thinking: “C’s get degrees.” But no. Don’t let that be your main endgame. Yes, C’s do get degrees but are you really not even going to try?

Instead of thinking about all the time you’ll have your face glued to your barely readable notes, think things through in a positive matter. Midterms don’t have to be such a negative experience. That’s why we’re giving you a few tips on how to get away from the “Midterm Slump.”

Clear out everything
Like, we mean everything. There’s something about just having a clear workspace that correlates to having a clear mind. Clean out your backpack – you might have a few notes in there or hidden goodies you didn’t remember having. Fix the table you’ll be spending your majority of studying time. How would you be able to find your pen when you need it the most? Throw out old food in the fridge. Nothing is worse when you’re desperate for snacks only to realize your yogurt expired a month ago.

Set a timer or have a planner nearby
This one is really dealer’s choice. People swear by having a set timer or often times, people say planners are their lifeline. Whichever you choose, stick with it. If you prefer a timer, set aside boundaries and limitations. Maybe study for one hour, take a break for 15 minutes, and set the timer for another hour. That way, it doesn’t feel like you’re glued to your chair for hours on end. If you’re more of a planner type of person, make a clear distinction in your notes. Block out your days and adhere to your schedule.

Airplane mode will be your best friend
Just a reminder in case you don’t know already: social media will always be there for you. That midterm? Won’t. So swipe up and hit that airplane key. Avoid all distractions and that includes the vibrations coming from all your notifications. You can check them all later.

Don’t even think about studying for 24/7
Just the thought alone makes me shiver. Nothing gets accomplished if you are seriously stuck in one place at one time hopping from course to course. Divvy things up and keep some time to yourself. Say, for example, you clock in the library at noon. Check yourself once it hits 6 pm or whichever time you prefer. I know allnighters seem like such a college thing to do and worth it but it’s not. You need sleep. You need food. You need a break. The library will be there tomorrow and the next day and the next.

Above all else, don’t procrastinate!

Way easier said than done but really! If you know your midterm is in a few weeks, don’t wait until that final week to book it to the library. It, without a doubt, will be so crowded in that building that you’ll end up seeing someone just like this guy here. Get to it early so you could walk out the library/coffee shop/dorm room with a smile on your face rather than a huge headache.

We hope these tips helped you. But if you have any other tips that we should be aware of, let us know! Good luck with finals. Really. We’re rooting for you.



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