Battle of the Bamboo 2019 | Tadhana

This is TFCU’s 2nd time attending Battle of the Bamboo in Chicago, and we could not have been anymore impressed.

This year’s theme was Tadhana, which means ‘choose your destiny’. Each performance incorporated the theme and was showcased through the stories passed down and told through Filipino folk dancing.

What impressed us the most was that all aspects of the performances were created from the students themselves. From costuming, to playing instruments, and to choreographing the dance. Students worked tirelessly to put on an amazing performance.

Many audience members were left in awe to say the least.
We definitely cannot wait to go back again next year!

Congrats to all those who participated this year!

For those who attended, what school had the best performance? For schools who don’t have this type of event, what would you want to perform if you had the chance?

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